Our Approach

Our approach: a new paradigm for cyber defense

Cyber attacks are increasing and getting more and more sophisticated. Serious attacks can compromise the target functionality, include strategic data breaches, bring to a bad impact on the company reputation end eventually resulting in huge money losses.
Cybercriminals, actors state, hacktivists… these are the main attackers; but we have also insiders, unfaithful or unsatisfied employees, selling information to unfair competitors looking for them.
Day by day more and more sophisticated threats have been developed to attack companies and organizations all over the world.
It must be considered that cybercrime is moving from a highly skilled people game to a new scenario: cybercrime as a service. Anyone can plan and organize a cyber attack simply going on the Dark Web and paying for a ransomware to be used against a target, just paying a fee.

Awareness is completely missing regarding cyber attacks: most of attacks can stay unseen or undisclosed for months, compromising the whole IT infrastructure.

How to defend yourself?

For sure, doing like we have done so far has demonstrated to be largely ineffective.

The new cybercrime is adopting the most advanced artificial intelligence-based technologies, making the adoption of antivirus and fragmented technological solutions ineffective to avoid damages.
Companies and organizations need more.

Cybaze has created an adaptive and dynamic defense system that can defend a company or an organization from cyberattacks in an effective and winning way, going to reduce and manage cyber risks to an acceptable level such to avoid business interruption and guarantee company survival.