The Cybaze Adaptive and Dynamic Defense System

The CYBAZE Adaptive and Dynamic Defense System is a new approach and unique proposal on the market, based on a proprietary exclusive Italian technology, projected and developed by two cyber experts: Marco Ramilli e Pierluigi Paganini.

OUR MANTRA is to dramatically change the timeline and effectiveness of cyber defense.
HOW? Via integration, automation, intensive use of artificial intelligence and neural networks, information sharing; all under the supervision of strongly skilled analysts. Human factor plays a fundamental role in the comprehension of attackers’ intentions and in the definition of the best defense strategy.

OUR SCOPE is to help companies to protect themselves versus highly expected cyber attacks and help them reducing the risk at a manageable level.
HOW? Through a cyclic and self-learning process.

OUR ENGAGEMENT is to provide adaptive and dynamic cyber defense to Companies and Organizations.
HOW? Through a model working on a 24/365 days basis, with our own technology continuously tested and implemented.